Solstice 100

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Solstice 100 is a unique 5 person relay event covering a total of 100 miles, looping through the picturesque parkland and woodland of Bodrhyddan Estate in North Wales. Complete the challenge by running the full distance in 17 hours between sunrise and sunset.

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Winding through the picturesque estate of Bodrhyddan Hall, North Wales, The Solstice 100 is a 5 person team relay race. Each team member will run the 2 mile trail loop until the team achieves 100 miles (50 laps). The full 100 miles must be completed between sunrise and sunset on summer solstice; just under 17 hours. The challenge is set. Are you up to it?

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The Solstice 100 will take place on Saturday 20th June 2020. It is a 100 mile relay race around a 2 mile trail loop through field and forest of the majestic Bodrhyddan Estate. Each of your team of 5 will take it in turns to do a lap of the route, completing the 100 miles between sunrise and sunset of summer solstice - just under 17 hours. This event is a test of performance and perseverance that will question not only your physical ability but your mental fortitude.

Each team will have 1 electronic timing chip to record lap times and keep track of how many laps have been completed. This timing chip will be passed from one team member to another at the Start/ Finish line through the main checkpoint. Runners will be able to access their tents, supplies and the facilities at any time during the day. Just be ready when its your turn to run!

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Your Team

5 person teams are required. Each team member is required to run a total of 20 miles between sunrise and sunset.


Entry Cost

Prices are charged per team. Entry cost is £200 per team. Early registration discount offers are avilable.



Participants are fully responsible for their own footwear, clothing, nutrition and shelter. Tents can be pitched in designated areas and some food vendors will be on site.



All participants will be given an event T-shirt. Teams completing the full distance in the allocated time will receive medals to mark their achivement.

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