Race Starts:


Essentials and recommendations


Appropriate footwear - the large majority of the race is off road, so appropriate footwear is essential. Although the race is on summer solstice, this is Wales so there is always a chance of rain!

Appropriate clothing - To include hat, waterproof and windproof layer, base layers, sports underwear, warmer layers (for in between laps), change of socks (thank us later). The list could go on. Keep an eye on local weather in the lead up to the event and come prepared

Nutrition - Food provision including emergency energy dense food - there will be water, bananas and snacks available at the Start/ Finish line but it is down to each runner to look after their own nutrition. Although there will be food and drink caterers, no hot food will be directly provided.

Seating - in between laps, runners need to organise their own seating / resting arrangement. We recommend anything that is 'super-comfy'.

Overnight equipment if camping - a day of racing requires quality sleep the night before. No tents that are too large please.

Fully charged mobile phone - ready for emergencies or keeping your online supporters updated with posts and pictures throughout the day (hopefully the latter).

Medication - If you are taking any prescribed medication, please make sure that you have sufficient supply with you to last the whole event.

Recommended Items

Sunscreen - although parts of the route are in wooded areas, if it is a sunny day, sunscreen is highly recommended.

Running bottle - there will be water stations at the Start / Finish line but no water stations on the route. If you need to drink during the lap, you will need your own bottle.

Insect repellant - Highly recommended. Although small, those midges will spoil your experience.

Anti-chafe lube - There will most likely be a time during the race when you wished you had it. And at that moment, it will be too late.

First Aid kit - Although there will be professional first aiders available to take care of genuine incidents, it's a very good idea for runners to come prepared with blister plasters and a basic first aid kit.

Headphones or earplugs - It depends what kind of a person you are on how you spend your time between laps. If you are a pump the music louder, bouncing off the walls full of energy kind of person, bring headphones. If you are a conserve your energy, zen master (who enjoys a midday kip) kind of person, then bring earplugs.