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The Solstice 100 will take place on Saturday 20th June 2020. It is a 100 mile relay race around a 2 mile trail loop through field and forest of the majestic Bodrhyddan Estate. Each of your team of 5 will take it in turns to do a lap of the route, completing the 100 miles between sunrise and sunset of summer solstice - just under 17 hours. This event is a test of performance and perseverance that will test not only your physical ability but your mental fortitude.

Each team will have 1 electronic timing chip to record lap times and keep track of how many laps have been completed. This timing chip will be passed from one team member to another at the Start / Finish line through the main checkpoint. Runners will be able to access their tents, supplies and the facilities at any time during the day. Just be ready when its your turn to run!

If you have tried shorter races, like 10k or a half marathon, this race will test you and stretch you. If you are used to running longer distances, this race offers a unique test to run on and off for the duration of the entire day. Whatever your previous experience you will enjoy the new challenge and will always remember that time you raced in the Solstice 100.

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Key information for runners and spectators


Normal entry fee £200 per team (5 persons). Early bird discounted entry fee - If you register with another team, the fee is to £175 for each of the 2 teams (because it's much more fun to run with / beat your friends).

Camping / Shelters

Camping is available on site for Friday 19th June. Participants must bring their own tents or gazebos for shelter during the day. Toilet facilities on site, but please note there is no running water.


Spectators are welcome to attend to cheer on the competitors and are free to come and go during the day. There will be food and drink stalls available to both runners and spectators. Spectator parking will be signposted.


All competitors will receive an event t-shirt to remember the day. The teams who complete the full 100 miles in the allotted time will receive an event medal.


Please make sure that all participants and spectators have suitable footwear and clothing. Competitors will need to run on soft and hard ground and depending on the weather it could get muddy. Please be mindful that you will be running in varying teparatures and potentially varying weather conditions throught the day. Bring plenty of layers and perhaps even a complete change of outfit and footware.

See full equipment recommendation >>


Overview of the 2 mile loop

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Registration, Start and finish times

  • Friday 19th June 2020
  • 17:00 - 23:00 - Registration
  • Camping overnight (optional)
  • Saturday 20th June 2020
  • 04:30 - All teams to be present and preparing for the beginning of the race
  • 04:45 - (Sunrise) - Race begins and first runners begin their first loop
  • 21:45 - (Sunset) - Race finishes. Only completed loops will count to the team's total miles
  • 22:00 - Presentation of prize for the fastest team to complete the 100 miles